New in 1.5
Image loop - slide show component
Partial Page Rendering
Filter Table
Client-Side Validation
Partial Page Rendering
PPRPanelGroup - parts of a page are getting manually refreshed by AJAX-Calls (basic partial Trigger example)
PPRPanelGroup - using multiple pprPanelGroups and triggering Components
PPRPanelGroup - update components which ids match a regular expression
PPRPanelGroup - using a command Link for triggering an action via AJAX
PPRPanelGroup - displaying an inline Loading Message during AJAX requests
PPRPanelGroup - using PPR with input-fields and event handlers (e.g. onclick, onchange, onkeyup)
PPRPanelGroup - ajaxifying a datatable using PPR with partialTriggerPattern
PPRPanelGroup - parts of a page are getting automatically refreshed by AJAX-Calls (through periodic intervals)
PPRPanelGroup - dataTable example, server-side requested refresh example
PPRPanelGroup - form with validate/upate-model only configured components
Resource Serving
GraphicImageDynamic - graphic image without a dedicated servlet
GraphicImageDynamic - text rendered as graphic image
OutputLinkDynamic - resource serving from a link without a dedicated servlet
Input Handling
Focus - a component to set a target component as the focus on page load.
stateChangedNotifier - Shows a confirmation message if some of the fields in the form have changed
timedNotifier - Shows a time triggered notification dialog
valueChangeNotifier - Calls a custom valueChangeEvent method during MODEL_UPDATE Phase of the Faces Lifecycle
Form component. Standard form vs. Tomahawk/Sandbox form
convertDateTime - a datetime converter that uses system timezone as default
convertNumber - automatically convert the number to the correct type
convertStringUtils - a datetime converter that uses system timezone as default
Validation example 2 - including URL validator
validateCompareTo - Compare values on two different components
SubForm - Partial validation and model update with SubForms
CSVValidator - validate comma separated values with a given (sub)validator
Client Side Validation
Conversion&Validation with Standart Form
Conversion&Validation with Extended Form
Conversion&Validation with ValidationScript Component
SplitPane - Dojos ContentPane widget to separate a page into panes of belonging content
TitlePane - Dojos TitlePane; Displays some data with a title on top. Data can be collapsed leaving only the title shown.
Horizontal Menu
Input Suggest
InputSuggestAjax - Suggested items list through Ajax
TableSuggestAjax - Suggested table through Ajax (choosing a row puts column values to specific dom nodes)
AJAX Form Components - server side validation through ajax
Input Suggest - Suggest without Ajax
Data Tables
Filter Table
Automatically updated dataTable per AJAX
selectOneRow - a DataTable Enhancement
Exporter - Export datatable contents as an excel file or as a pdf file
ifMessage - renders its children only if there is a message in the FacesContext for the specified component(s)
FishEye Navigation
fishEyeNavigationMenu - the Dojo Toolkit FishEye widget
Scopeshop1, an extended saveState Example showing a wizard
Effect - DOJO and effects
Image loop/slide show with fading effects based on Dojo
Kill Session - refreshes state
Ajax-enabled combo box - reloads its contents when the value of another combo box is changed
Conversation Tag examples
A new Spring "conversation" scope
Redirect Tracker
Redirect Tracker - tries to capture the current request state and reset it after a redirect
Modal Dialog
A modal dialog similar to an alert or confirm or popup window
Submit on event
submit on event attached to input controls
submit on a global event
submit on a global event as child of a commandLink
Rounded DIV
Rounded DIV - DIV with rounded corners
Password Strength
Password Strength - component to check whether the password is strong or not
Media - component to display media content, such as audio, video, or image in a player embedded in the user agent.
renderOne - render the first child component by order or by index